Swift Package. Xcode Project Visualization Tool.

Let you see all of the dependencies and connections between the Xcode project, xcworkspace, and swift package with an interactive graph. Help you manage package versions and highlight serious project dependencies problems.
macOS 13.0+ Intel, Apple Silicon
Simple, yet powerful features

Visualize your project with Interactive Graph

You can view all the dependencies of any Xcode project, whether it's an xcworkspace, an Xcode target, or a Swift package, and their connections through an interactive graph.
Feature Interactive Graph
Feature Interactive Graph

Manage the version for all your Swift packages with Package Updater.

Let you know which Swift package has a new update version, so you can decide to update. You can also specify a version for the Swift package you use, such as specifying revision, branch, tag, etc.

Identify issues related to project architecture with Get Insight.

Critical warnings will appear if there is a circular dependency between packages in your project or if you accidentally name two packages the same thing. Standard warnings will appear when there are less serious issues such as: a package that is not used by any object, or a target depending on multiple versions of a remote package, etc.
Feature Interactive Graph

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